Recently, craft beer has become very popular and more people want to get involved in the new adventure of getting their own home-brewed beer. Some has even stepped further from brewing it for personal use to commercializing it. Just to get that label that bears their name and initials on that bottle. For those that have taken this bold step, they can tell you that it has been an exciting adventure and would testify that if they had known, they would have started earlier. It just takes a bold step in the right direction to start your own home-brew beer journey. But you will need a kit, a home-brew starter kit to get you rolling.


You need the right equipment to start making your own home-brewed beer. When deciding on your starter kit, you have a lot of considerations to make according to the quantity of what you want to brew per batch. This will determine the size of the different equipment you will need to make your home-brewed beer. However, efficiency is one variable that cannot be compromised when deciding on your home-brew starter kit. An inefficient component can consume a whole day’s worth of energy and also causing unsuspecting damage to the beer produced after a long day’s toil. Go for a time tested kit and enjoy the satisfaction of your craft beer.


The first consideration to make when getting your home-brew starter kit is the quality, efficiency and durability of the equipment. These three factors cannot be compromised when getting your starter kit for your home-brewed beer. Any compromises can mar your daily effort and cause you to waste a lot of your time, energy and resources. The Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition is a quality starter kit that you might want to consider for brewing your home-brewed beer.


There are a wide range of propane burners for home-brewing to add to your starter kit. You can chose between the single burner system and the double burner system which is mostly considered for its balance.  Furthermore,  there is the addition choice between the cast iron burner and the stainless steel. Each of these have considerable advantages and a few disadvantages. As an example, the weight of cast iron doesn’t lend itself for easy travel and is also liable to rust if kept outdoors.  On the other hand, Stainless steel is light, making it suitable for mobile or camp brewing but is liable to lose shape if not stored properly.

wort chiller photo

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Your chiller for the cooling of the wort is another great component of your home-brew starter kit. It is best to buy high efficient chillers for efficient cooling of the wort for quality taste and sparkle. An inefficient chiller can contaminate the taste of your beer and I believe that is not what you want after your effort to get your own craft beer. Copper tubing chillers have been recommended for starters because they come as a full package and require little technical know how to operate them. They are also efficient and durable making them good starter kits. The immersion chillers are another great cooling devices capable of cooling a reasonable number of gallons in just a few minute, some can cool up to 20 gallons or more in 5 minutes.  Inefficient chillers can mar the taste of the beer.

Beer Growler

For your starter kit, it is advisable to choose a growler that is not just insulated but durable. Your growler as a component of your home-brew starter kit should be able to keep your favorite beer cold and fresh while on the move until the time of serving. Other things to consider about your beer growler starter kit are the handle, dose it allow for convenience and maneuverability? Also, the durability of the handle is important to avoid unexpected breakage. Your beer growler should be designed to allow for quick refilling and efficient serving which has to do with the design of the neck.

Rust Free

Equipment for your home-brew should be rust free in other not to poison the drink. These equipment include your growler and its cap, your kettle etc. Apart from rust, they should be equipment that are leak secure for proper hygienic condition of the brewing area. Unhygienic leaks can also contaminate the taste of the beer. Be sure of the material before you pay. Stainless steel and copper are some of the best materials for your home-brew starter kit equipment.


Your home-brew starter kit burner must be able to generate equal distribution of heat which is very essential for the taste and quality of the home-brew beer. Whichever brand of burner you are using, equal distribution of the heat is very important. The wort need to boil evenly for quality product and good taste.


For boiling your worts you can chose between the Ale Pale of the Glass Carboy. However, the bigger the kettle the better, but durability is also very key in choosing you kettle. Kettle must be made of rust free material

beer brewing kit photo

Photo by @BobbyBurdette

Brewing Experience

The home brewing experience is what every adventurous lover of beer would love to experience, and it is worth experimenting, having your own craft beer, it brings a sense of achievement and satisfaction especially when you taste that beer from your own stable and the taste is impeccable. This is very achievable if the guidelines stated above are kept sacred. Home brewing has been part of beer making from its very inception, if it were a difficult venture, it is made easy now, and with the different specifications of home-brew starter kits even with the time tested Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition beer making kit, you do not need special lessons to practice the craft. You do not need to be a professional before you can have your craft beer. Try a little adventure this season and get the great taste from your rich home-brew beer for yourself and your friends.