It is good you have taken a bold step to have your own craft beer. But where you store your beer is also very important. Have you considered the possibility of losing that great refreshing tastes as a result of the kind of storage you give your home-brew beer? Apart from losing the taste, have you considered the possibility of contamination? Finding the best growler is critical to keeping your beer safe for consumption anytime, anywhere.

Beer Growler

A beer growler is a specialized bottle for storing your home-brew beer until when you want to drink or to store it in when you are on the move and you do not want to be far from your home-brew beer. The beer growler like the Boulder Bottle Co. Insulated Beer Growler for craft beer is meant to keep your drink cool and fresh until you are set to take a serving.

Get a Time Tested Growler

A good growler holds your beer safe and secure without losing its taste till you are set to drink it. When shopping for a growler, it can be a hectic adventure as a result of the number of varieties that beckon on you to buy them. But among them all, there are specifications that one should look out for when shopping for your growler, because that homebrewed beer is very precious; you still want to meet it fresh.


The best growler in the market is the one that takes consideration of your health and wellness in the design of the growler. Among the best growlers in the market, the DrinkTanks Insulated Growler stands out as one growler with a complete design. It has remained unbeatable in the market mix among other growlers. It is designed to keep your beer hygienically safe until you are set to drink.

Considerations when Buying a Beer Growler

When buying your growler, there are factors you need to consider before paying for that growler. If the beer means a lot to you, then you have to get the best growler for its storage.

1. Durability

Durability is a very important economic consideration when buying your growler. A growler that is not durable will not be a good investment for the storage of your choice beer. It can even get damaged without notice when you have the best of your home-brew beer inside… and you know what that means?

2. Avoid Plastics

Plastic has never been a good option for storing beer, it will even make the beer lose its bubble. Plastic will also contaminate the beer by reacting chemically with it, thus injecting chemicals that are possible carcinogens inside your best home brew. Apart from losing that satisfying tang, it is also dangerous to your health.

3. Insulation

If you want to meet your home-brew beer still fresh and with a sparkle when you want to drink it then you must consider the insulation technique and material of the beer growler you want to buy. When you are on the move, you do not have your refrigerator with you, but a quality beer growler can serve the purpose of a refrigerator. The insulation will keep your beer cold and fresh until you are ready to drink it.  This means you can’t afford to compromise with the insulation technique of the beer growler you want to pay for.

4. Rust Free

Rust is dangerous to the health, it can even course death, that is why the material used for your intended beer growler must be rust free. Glass, copper and silver are better options. Be sure before you pay. A rust free beer growler cannot be compromised. There are home-brew starter kits with great components. Go for it and save yourself the possible hazard from a growler that is not rust free or that has components that are not rust free.

5. Handle

The handle of a beer growler adds a beautiful design to the growler especially if it is well crafted, but apart from that, it has to be very durable to avoid unexpected accident from breakage and spillage of the content of the growler. Also note that the curve of the handle determines how comfortable carrying that growler can be.


6. Open and Close System

There is a marketing law that says, if finding your way around a product makes you feel like you are unlearned then that product is not well packaged. The same principle applies when shopping for a best beer growler. It the cap makes you struggle to open or when you want to close it then it is not a good design. You may not have all that time to struggle with a difficult cap when you need to quench your thirst with a draft of your home-brewed beer.

7. Neck and Cap

The neck and cap of the growler are too very important parts of the growler that many buyers overlook. They are integral designs of the growler that add to the rating of the product. A sloppy neck, will likely cause spills when serving. On this note, the curve of the neck of the growler should be made to enhance spill free serving. The cap which is a very important appendage of the bottle should be rust free and leak proof to further regulate the temperature of the content. Note, the uKeg64 pressurized growler is one of the top home-brew growlers in the market keeps your beer fresh, cold and carbonated for a longer period than any other growler in the market. Its Variables Pressure Regulation Cap (VCR Cap) keeps your beer fresh and carbonated.