The chiller is also part of the basic equipment you will need for your home-brew beer. Buying the best wort chiller is very important to make your beer come out with a great taste. There are varieties of chillers in the market, but it is best to go for a top grade chiller for speed and hygiene. Chillers do not cost so much so it is always advisable to sacrifice the extra cash and buy the best chiller that is available in the market for the needed efficiency.

Popular Variations

The most commonly used chillers are those made of stainless steel and those made of copper. Copper chillers are less expensive though not as fast with cooling as the stainless chillers. However, the copper chillers come in a complete kit and are also user friendly. They are less technical in nature which gives you an advantage of quick use. There are very high efficiency chillers that can give you up to ten gallons of your favorite home-brew beer in just five minutes. However, your production capacity should also determine the kind of chillier you want to buy for your home-brew beer so long as you do not compromise quality.


Health they say is wealth, so when shopping for your chiller, it is advisable to pay the extra cash and get the best chiller. An inefficient chiller has the tendency of delaying production which is not too healthy for a home-brew. Efficiency is key to home-brew beer production. An inefficient chiller can also contaminate the beer and spoil the taste which is equivalent to a waste of effort and resources. Apart from these challenges with inefficient chillers, they sap energy in manning them. Get an efficient chiller and save yourself the stress of fatigue, waste of resources through contamination and loss of the sparkle taste desired from a home-brew beer

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A best guide to home-brew beer cooling will advise that you buy a durable chiller for your production. Apart from the little extra cash to you will need to expend, it will save you the headache of having to contemplate a possible breakdown in the middle of a production with an inefficient and none durable cooling unit. A durable cooling unit is the best buy for the home brewer that wants his craft beer to always come out best. There are quite a number of durable products in the market, those with stainless steel plates and those with copper coils.


Inefficient chillers are known for messing up the production area with leaks that can even cause contamination which are tantamount to health risks. At times, leaks are inevitable in home-brew beer production. Get the best chiller in the market, be sure of the design, and make sure it has considerations for unavoidable leaks in the design technique. The best designs are the once that make provisions for or incorporates are leak check device to always keep leaks away for hygienic purposes and avoidance of contamination of the end product.

Immersion Chillers

Wort chillers come in different designs and specification, the immersion chillers are know for their high efficiency and less strenuous operational system.  They are also known to emit little or no leaks during operation. Their design consists of copper tubing, bronze fitting, vinyl tubing and a water hose adapter for the easy flow of cold water. They are a great choice for home-brew beer cooling and highly suitable for starters as a result of their efficiency and easy to man method.

Advantages of a Good Chiller

An efficient chiller makes sure that your wort are cooled on time. This ensures that there is no risk of contaminating the brew with wild yeast which affects the quality of the final product. However, whichever chiller design you have chosen: the Immersion Coil, Plate chiller, Counter-flow chiller etc., the most important thing to look out for is efficiency. If the chiller is not efficient then it is not worth the buy and its operations can even be counterproductive resulting to loss and extra fatigue.

Size of Hose

The garden hose attached to the chiller is to pass water for the cooling of the wort. The hose come in different sizes, but what determines the size of the hose is the volume of wort to be cooled. However, the size of the hose can also be increased as per specification for the volume of cooling required. It is also noted that shorter hose’ give better cooling effect than long ones, get the specification for your chiller and get the best pout of your brewing experience.

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Advantages of Quick Cooling

The essence of the home-brew beer is to get the beer brewed to your taste and specification. This means you have your signature on the beer. It will be wrong to have a wrong taste after the concerted effort that is why the quick cooling of the wort is very necessary to avoid contamination of the taste as a result of coagulation of proteins etc. It is advisable to get your wort down to pitching level on time and this can only be possible by quick cooling. This to ensure a great taste and all the sparkle needed.

Immersion Chiller

If you are looking for the best wort chiller, the Homebrew Immersion Wort Chiller is one great chiller that you can always depend on. It is rugged, durable and efficient. If you want your beer to always come out best, you should look out for it on your next shopping. It is a good investment for your home-brew beer factory.