Getting Your Start with the Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Brewing Kit

If you are a beer lover and are thinking of brewing your stuff at home, you will need a home beer brewing kit. The Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition is a great place to get started. Here you must remember that although getting the brewing kit is easy, the entire process of brewing may take some time. Moreover, while you can taste your cooked food before you serve, you cannot do so with beer as it needs its time and conditions before the perfect brew is ready. In addition, the home brewed beer does not have the depth of flavor as in the case of ready-made beer available in the market.

There are different types of home beer brewing kits available. These kits have more or less similar features when it comes to brewing beer. However, you can check for the ease of use and maintenance of these kits when looking to buy one for your home.

Nevertheless, choosing the right home brewing kit is always a difficult task, especially if you are a beginner. You don’t have to worry though as we done a lot of research for you and thus we will be reviewing one of the best home beer brewing kits available on the market, the Mr. Beer Premium Gold Craft Beer Making Kit. It is one of the best beer making kits on the market and we will discuss everything you need to know about this kit below.

The Review

If you want to buy a brewing kit that’s worth your money, check out the Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition 2 Gallon Home-brewing Craft Beer Making Kit, which is one of the bestselling kits both online and in stores.

This inexpensive home brewing craft beer making kit is made of high-quality materials that will let you enjoy brewing and drinking your own crafted beer at home. It can yield 2 gallons or 16 pints of beer, which is enough for your own indulgence or to share with a friend or beer premium gold edition

It is easy to use and bring just about anywhere since it is small and lightweight. Aside from this, it is also durable enough to last a long time since it is shatterproof. The included keg fermenter resembles the traditional brewing equipment most professionals use. Moreover, it includes two brewing extracts so you can brew two batches of beer, giving you 4 gallons of rich-tasting craft beer.

Of course, you are going to need to bottle your beer. That’s why the package includes 11 25-ounce shatterproof bottles. Lastly, it also includes carbonation drops and brewing yeast, making your brewing experience more flexible. You will almost feel like you’re a pro. Kits may also include refill flavors which could be Aztec Mexican Cerveza, Czech Pilsner or American Lager refill.


Home brewing equipment can sometimes be so big that it’s hard to set up. This won’t be a problem with the Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Craft Beer Making Kit as it is compact and very handy. As well as being small and affordable, this amazing home brewing kit has everything it takes to be tagged as the best of its kind, especially for beginners.

The manufacturer is known for creating lightweight and durable fermenter kegs. In fact, the keg included in this kit is really shatterproof as it is made from FDA-approved plastic. Even if you use it repeatedly, it will not harm or influence the flavor of your beer. And though it can only craft up to 2 gallons, rest assured that it can produce rich-tasting craft beer.

After brewing you cannot just leave the keg unclean. Luckily, the package includes a cleaning kit with a No-Rinse Cleanser. And because the kit is designed for beginners, the manufacturer has included an instructional DVD. You can watch and follow the basic processes that are explained in detail.


Despite being very popular in both online and offline stores, this kit could still be improved. Some buyers argue that the equipment is not that good for brewing. In other words, you cannot really replicate the exact taste of your favorite craft beer unless you know exactly how it is made.

Some buyers also warn that you have to store the kit at the right temperature to get the best results. There are also cases when the beer becomes undrinkable because it has lost carbonation.


Overall, this cheap home brewing kit offers good value for money. It comes with a variety of ingredients and equipment that beginner brewers will find very useful. It is also easy to use, allowing anyone to brew beer so long as they follow the instructions. Despite a few drawbacks, this brand has surely proven that they are a great choice.