It will fascinate you to know that a lot of people just drink beer, enjoy the rich taste without bordering to know the process of making it. Some just know that it comes from the brewery or one factory in town. Others just know that it is fermented either from barley or wheat, any other information about beer is not Important to them so long as the taste is good and refreshing. However, it will be of good interest if one should take a further step to know the source and composition of what he or she is consuming, this will heighten interest and love for that beer that one craves so much.  So to that end, we will help yo be covering  finding a propane burner for brewing.

 Getting Involved

 Apart from knowing the source and content of the beer one is consuming, those that love adventure and experimenting have gone the extra mile to make their own beer.  This means, you have your own beer enriched with those vitamins and minerals that give you that special love for the beer you crave. It also gives you the opportunity of the best of your beer at your disposal.  You have the opportunity to ferment your beer to your taste and give it the best of preservation for enhanced quality and vigor.

Home Brewing

Home brewing is as old as beer itself, the manufacture of beer started as a home brew before it became industrialized as a result of the huge demand for the beverage. But recently, it has become very attractive to have your own home brew, and most importantly, it is the best way to have your beer perfect always. Home brewing involves brewing your beer at home in small quantities for personal use. However, recently, some home brewers have gone commercial with their product and they enjoy huge patronage. Why not get the basic equipment for your home brew? Get a propane burner for brewing and you are on the way to get your home-brew beer perfectly all the time.


The art of home brewing is fun and very interesting; it gives you a kind of personal identity with your beer― a kind of signature. There are different kits for home brewing; it all depends on the quantity of beer you want at a time, starting from one gallon. A basic kit for home brewing is always available at a pocket friendly price. A good propane burner is ultimate to make your beer always perfect every time. Why not indulge yourself with the richness of your favorite brew, from your own stable?

The Perfect Propane Burner for Brewing

There is a variety of propane burners for brewing to pick from, but it is worthy to note that the kind of propane burner you use for your brewing dictates the speed at which you will accomplish your brewing task. Some of these are: the 14” single burner system, the 14” double burner system, the high pressure cast iron burner, the 18” propane burner which is a bit more expensive etc. The choice is yours depending on what you want to achieve, but the most important things is that they all bring out your beer perfectly all the time.

propane burner photo

Photo by Tom Adams

Buying a propane burner for brewing

Buying your propane burner for brewing is also dependent on so many factors; one basic factor is the number of gallons per brewing batch. The intensity of the heat is what determines the number of gallons you are ready to produce per batch. If you are producing little quantity of about one or two gallons per batch, there is the size which generates the heat for that. If you are producing higher quantities like five gallons per batch, you are also advised to go for a propane burner for brewing with higher heat intensity. But one other thing, you propane burner for brewing should be able to support outdoor brewing.

Ideal Propane Burner

One question that most home brewers, especially those that want to craft their own beer for the first time ask is, which propane burner for brewing is best? What is best depends on what you want for your home brew experience. However, there are some guidelines one most follow when buying his propane burner for brewing.

1. Durability

Durability should be the first consideration when buying a propane burner for home brewing. It won’t be cost effective if you are always going shopping for a burner because your burner is always losing shape or malfunctioning.

2. Heat Level

Your propane burner should be able to generate enough heat to up to a boiling point within twenty minutes.

3. Balance

The stance and sturdiness of your intended burner is very important, if it is frail, you can end up losing a whole batch of brew by a slight touch or shake, on this not, it is of great importance to buy a burner that is balanced to avoid unnecessary waste.

brewing burner photo

Photo by cnorrick

4. Options of Steel and Cast Iron

Chosen between steel and cast iron is totally dependent on preference, both have advantages and disadvantages. While steel is light and thing mold, some brewers prefer the bigger mold of cast iron which also makes it heavier. However, if going for outdoor brewing, it will be advisable to reduce the weight of your carriage by choosing steel which is lighter. Also, steel is much preferred for outdoor brewing because it doesn’t rust, cast iron will rust easily if kept outdoors. Another thing is malleability, steel will lose shape if not properly stored, this is not so with cast iron.

5. Heat Distribution

One very important point to note is heat distribution, this is very important in brewing. The choice of burner should have even distribution of heat to get your homebrew beer perfect all the time

6. Single/Double Burner System

Another option is the single or double burner system, but this is dependent on the number of gallons one wants to produce per batch. However, some brewers buy the double burner system and use only a single burner. This ia a result of the balance of double propane burners.

7. No of BTU’s Produced

This is also a very important consideration when buying your burner; higher no of BTU’s i.e. Heat given off by burner produced doesn’t determine the efficiency of your burner.